Join Our Tank Monitor Program

Save Up to $ .10 on Every Gallon and Get Peace of Mind 

Save, Relax and Have Peace of Mind 

  • Save 3 cents per gallon on every order, just for having a tank monitor
  • Save 3 cents per gallon on every order with *Auto-Pay if you elect to have us charge your card on file at time of delivery
  • Save 4 cents per gallon on every order with Auto-Fill if you elect to have us fill your tank automatically
  • No obligation and you can cancel any time
  •  Community Propane will monitor your tank daily
  • Never worry again about running out of gas, checking your gauge or calling for a delivery

A single fee of $99.00 covers you for 15 years

Text Jeff at 267 234 3557 to indicate the savings you would like to receive

*Auto-Pay card information is kept on a secure server by, a secure Visa Payment Processing company. Accepting major credit cards since 1996, they handle over a million transactions a year and are trusted by over 430,000 merchants

Click below to order and make one payment of $33.00 
(type TMP in the invoice box)

The next two payments of $33.00 will be billed on your next 2 propane deliveries

If you have multiple tanks please indicate which tank (s) you want monitored