Yard Sign Promo

If you saw a Community Propane Yard Sign and...

are a new customer or have not placed an order within two years:

       Get 10 Cents Off Per Gallon on Your Next Order*

         Plus (if you like) a Free Tank Monitor Install and App with Your Next Propane Order and Auto-Fill sign up**

      Complete the Form (below) then Call to Order 717-609-1368 or Order Online

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      Get up to 10 cents savings 

      on every gallon for the next 15 years***

      * 10 cents off your next order is for the yard sign promotion which expires Jan 31, 2023

      **Only applies to 120 gal tanks, 500 gal tanks, and 1000 gal tanks with a dial that is monitor ready or can be replaced with a monitor ready dial.

      ***Or the life of the tank monitor battery, whichever comes first